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I allowed myself a Tiffany necklace. Wow! Then ordered my wedding ring. Bazaam! Gold is shiny. Diamonds sparkle in my eyeballs. I can actually experience the sensation of my eyes being excited. It is amazing. I'm sorry I previously judged jewelry wearing as unnecessary. I didn't understand it.

I feel more feminine

Jewelry is a type of adornment. One of many different ways a woman can make herself look feminine, as per society's standards. I do not think there's a social obligation to wear jewelry, but it plays into the larger expectations of femininity.

I had an Etsy artist custom-make me a ring that looks like my vulva, and I'll probably wear that for a long-ass time.

It's all I need to go over the edge.

I've got nipple piercings, and they increase the feeling I get in my nipples dramatically. If I'm right on edge and my boyfriend squeezes my nipples or licks them, it's usually all I need to go over the edge. I love them!

I don't like most jewelry

I don't like most jewelry, but I love earrings. It just accentuates well. Otherwise, I could care less.

I do not like wearing much jewelry. I tend to like minimal jewelry and am perfectly happy wearing the same stuff when I wear it.

Personally, I don't like jewelry. I'm bad at accessorizing in general, and the feeling of wearing necklaces and rings especially bugs me.

It's like I'm "worth it".

I like the way it makes me feel to have something so expensive from someone I love and who loves me. It makes me feel more valuable to the person like I'm "worth it". Plus, I very much enjoy the look of certain jewelry.

It only comes off for MRIs.

Mostly the emotional attachment that comes with it. I don't really wear expensive jewelry anymore, but I never take off the diamond ring my dad got me for my 18th Birthday. And if and when I find someone to settle down with, if they buy me stuff, I will wear it then too.

A gold and ruby ring from my partner never leaves my finger.

Wedding ring, it only comes off for MRIs. I wear small diamond stud earrings daily. Nostril stud also only comes out for MRIs.

It makes me feel good! I just wear what makes me happy!

Jewelry looks good on me. So I wear it. End of story.

Buying jewelry makes me feel good. Personally, I'm past the gaudy faze and would only buy lasting pieces. Timeless. Jewelry that will gain value or hold its value at the least. Jewelry that can be passed down generations. Nothing but quality!

Jewelry makes me feel happy and at home.

Buying jewelry makes me excited about discovering affordable but quality pieces that literally make me feel happy, lucky, and confident.

I wear precious and semi-precious jewelry. Purchasing jewelry is about a feeling. Whether I like the casual feeling of boho-chic wearing my silver and amber jewelry with a peasant top or the dressed-up feeling of wearing white gold and diamonds with a silky blouse. Jewelry is always the last thing I put on in the morning. I like colored stones and coordinate my jewelry and clothing accordingly. If I'm feeling more reserved, out come the pearls. If it's a sunny day and I'm wearing coral or navy, then I'll wear my peridot. I know each gemstone has a different legend or healing property, but I just wear what makes me happy, feels right for the occasion, or matches my mood.

I feel pretty. I feel beautiful!

Just guessing, but probably because women are supposed to look pretty. It's top-of-the-list culturally. Sparkly jewelry is pretty, and we can put it on ourselves, thus making us prettier. It's also a sign of wealth and class.

Got my septum pierced finally! It's amazing how jewelry can make you feel so beautiful!

I love the touch of it!

My sealskin bracelet from my aunt. It's beautiful, and I love seal fur. So soft.

Accentuate the look & style.

Accessories are an easy, often inexpensive way to add flair and detail to an outfit. I like jewelry on occasion as accents for an outfit, but I'm not a gold and diamonds kind of person - more bone and copper and beads than anything else. It's more about color coordination than showing off expensive shinies.

I'm not into crazy statement jewelry anymore. I prefer dainty little things that I can wear with jeans and a sweater or with a little black dress.

Aesthetically pleasing: I like the way they look (Inspired by design)

It's pretty. It's just aesthetically pleasing. And I enjoy wearing jewelry in the same way that I like wearing a pretty dress or a cool pair of shoes.

I really like those so-called "statement jewelry" as oppose to expensive dainty diamond jewelry. I like creative and clever designs over the value of the item.

I buy a lot of handmade jewelry from local artists. It's basically tiny art I get to wear. I can't afford and don't have room for most of the sort of art I like, but the jewelry I can do (though only because I avoid stuff with expensive stones).

I've got a standard pair of earrings that I wear to work almost every day. No story, just something I saw at Cost Plus World Market and liked. They are comfortable, go with everything. I like the way they look, and I've bought three pairs so that losing one is not a tragedy.

I buy jewelry for its beauty and sparkle. I will only buy real gold or silver and only real gemstones from the Earth. I will not purchase lab-created or gemstones that are man-made.

Deep emotional value

I'm actually not a huge fan of jewelry because I find the jingling annoying, but the pieces I do wear regularly (a heart locket, a ring, and another heart necklace) have great emotional value to me, so that's why I like wearing them. They give me warmth and fuzzies.

I almost never buy jewelry. In fact, pretty much every piece I own was a gift. I rarely wear it, but when I do, it's always something I've had for years.

I've never been one for expensive jewelry, but in the past few years, I've gained a few pieces that will stay with me forever. My gold band with a set diamond - my grandmother's ring. It was her mother's and is over 100 years old!

My wedding ring makes me feel happy because it reminds me of my husband. The chain around my neck reminds me of my commitment to look out for other people, to be kind to others, and to help them if I can.

Dopamine hit I got from 'getting' my jewelry!

...a longer quote!

For a while, I purchased it for a period of time because I hadn't been able to afford it when I was younger and then I could afford it and went a little crazy. I stocked up with a butt-tonne of baubles. The shinier and more expensive, the better.

I had the funds, so why not?

I think I associated: bling = success.

My partner understood my magpie urge and fed into it. He was actually grateful that there was something he could buy me for birthdays and Christmas's since we basically had everything we wanted. (We're both quite difficult to shop for). Some stuff was super pretty, too and I'm as distractable as the next person.

I grew up a little more… and realized that all the bling was a f#cking nuisance that now just takes up a bunch of space in the safe. Looking at it with fresh eyes… some of it is downright 💎gaudy♊. What the hell was I thinking?

For me, it wasn't about the 'having'; it was about that 'getting,' along with what that signified. Now that I have it… whatever dopamine hit I got from 'getting' it evaporated, and I'm left with a very expensive pile of regret. It wasn't until I had the bling that I realized it had nothing to with success and I'd been purchasing or collecting it for all the wrong reasons. Now I'm looking at the pile of shiny shit and wondering what to do with it all and kicking my own ass for not realizing where my head was at.

Over the last few years, I've been looking into downsizing my collection.

That's a disheartening process. What you purchase it for and its resale value are often light-years apart which is why I'm (now) so dead set against buying or acquiring jewellery (unless it's a gift) and why I now know that jewellery is an awful investment for me. It's an expense - not an investment (Diamonds are a total f#cking have)

A few of the pieces have sentimental value, and a couple is objectively stunning and go well with some outfits, but honestly, I'll probably just ignore it all and then offload most of it to the kids (suckers!) when they get married or whatever.

I'm also considering buying a hot-glue gun and bedazzling my unicorn slippers.

If I had a do-over, I wouldn't be wasting that money on my second time around, but maybe I needed to blow that cash in order to learn this lesson. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Side note: Some people adore jewellery and gain enough personal satisfaction from it to make it worth the expense - this commentary is based on my own views and is not a judgment on those who do appreciate bling.

Last but not least. Philosophy, deep symbolism, mysticism, energies, etc.

By the way... 36% of women wear jewelry that symbolizes luck for them.

I rarely wear most of what is bought, keeping them especially for the energy/vibes they emanate and create. I used to keep a heavy pouch full of them in my pocket for safety and luck.

I try to see situations, feelings, desires, choices from so many sides (as much as I am able, to hold as much truth as possible.) A diamond seems a fitting symbol as a physical form of this practice - faceted, strong, illuminating. To witness it often on my hand feels an affirmative reminder that there is an ever-larger reality being created by our willingness to create more facets for light to shine in.

And there is a large group that is drawn into a deep esoteric universe symbolized by jewelry. But that's a subject for entire separate research.

Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel completely unique.

- Jennie Kwon

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