Compilation of most frequently asked questions regarding our site navigation, payments and payment types, discounts, promo codes, packaging and more.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover;
  • Diners Club;
  • Shop Pay;
  • Apple Pay;
  • Google Pay.

Can I cancel my order after it has been placed?

Orders placed on the Jewelry Splash website are packaged and shipped very quickly. It may not be possible to cancel your order.

We are doing everything to give the best possible service to you.

Please, contact us immediately at 1.877.9SPLASH to see if your order has not been shipped and thus can be cancelled.

Do you offer gift packaging?

At Jewelry Splash, we believe the jewelry is just one part of the story.

That is why we deliver every order in our signature gift box.

We took all precautions and special shipping packaging to ensure the gift box will arrive to you in undamaged ready-to-give condition.

Store it as a keepsake or display it anywhere you need encouragement or inspiration.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged at the time you place the order.

I am having an issue using my coupon code. What should I do?

We apologize for any trouble you may have had.

This was designed to be as painless as possible.

Two main reasons coupons may not work are:

  1. The coupon is expired.
  2. You are trying to combine the coupon codes with another offer or promotion.

When we emailed you the coupon, all the instructions and limitations of your coupon were listed in this email.

Please, refer to this email to see the cause of the problem.

If your code still does not work, email us at or call our Customer Service at 1.877.9SPLASH, and we will be happy to help you.

How do I find a specific product?

If you know the product's name, you can use the search function on our website, located at the right of our top menu.

You can also:

  • search by keywords;
  • filter by tags;
  • browse a specific category for the exact or similar looking items;
  • browse by collection.

Can I find your products in stores?

Unfortunately no! We do not have physical stores anywhere at this time.

Please, place your orders through the website.

We have done everything possible to make this process fast and convenient for you!

How can I change currency?

You can change your preferred currency at any point while browsing our website.

On the desktop, use the button located on the top of the page on the right side.

Click on the arrow beside it to switch between Canadian and US dollars.

On mobile, use the icon that activates the menu visible in the top-left corner, where you will see a drop-down list with your currency.

Please note you can pay in either currency and ship to any country.

Do you offer combined purchase with flowers?

Unfortunately, we do not offer orders combined with flowers at this time.

But we are working to make it happen in the nearest future.

How many items can I order?

We are NOT limiting orders.

But if you would like to purchase more than ten items of the same article, please contact us at Certain items have bulk discounts.

How do I use my discount code?

From your Cart or the Order Summary in Checkout, enter the code and click "Apply".

Your order will update with the code applied when the code is valid against your order details.

In some cases, coupon codes may void existing promotions that have already been applied.

How do I checkout?

Click "Add to Cart" on the items that you would like to purchase.

Once you have added all desired items to your shopping cart, click on the "Cart" at the top right and "Proceed To Check out".

Then input your shipping and billing details and submit the order.

Do you keep credit card information?

We are not subscription-based. We don't have reasons to keep your credit cards information.

We take your payment security very seriously, so be assured that your details are safe.

Our payment gateway keeps certain information for us. It is not enough to make another charge, but enough for the investigations and statistical purposes.

If your card is authorized, payment will be taken straight away, and you will receive an email confirmation for your order.

If your card is not authorized, your order will not go through. You may need to contact your card issuer.

How we charge applicable taxes?

We are required by law to collect state and local taxes on deliveries to Canadian Provinces only.

If your delivery is a USA address – no taxes will be charged. Hurray!

For Canadian orders, we will add sales tax based on the total amount of the order, including shipping, for orders shipped to the following provinces (in alphabetical order):

  • Alberta;
  • British Columbia;
  • Manitoba;
  • New Brunswick;
  • Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • Nova Scotia;
  • Ontario;
  • Prince Edward Island;
  • Quebec;
  • Saskatchewan

as well as the three territories:

  • Northwest Territories;
  • Nunavut;
  • Yukon.

Can I use a credit card that's not registered in Canada or the United States?

Yes, we accept credit cards registered in almost any country.

Please note that due to security, in many cases, it is required for the credit card country to match the shipping country.

Can I amend my order?

You can amend your order any time before check-out, but it cannot be changed once your order has been placed.

If I experience difficulties placing an order

If you are experiencing difficulties placing an order, please email our Customer Care team or contact us by phone at 1.877.9SPLASH.

We will be happy to help you place an order.

I bought an item but the day after, it went on sale – can I get the difference refunded?

Yes, absolutely.

We will be more than happy to offer you the credit with the store for the difference.

We do not offer refunds in this case.

Is there an expiry date for my promo code?

The promo codes will expire in 12 months from the day it is issued.

However, if you received a loyalty or personalized promo code from us, it will be good until used.

You can always grant this promo code to any person.

If not used before the day specified, promo codes will expire and will not be re-issued.

You will have to wait until the announcement of the next sales.

How do I know you received my order?

Once you have placed your order, you will be redirected to an order confirmation message, which will contain your order number.

We will also send you an email or SMS (text message to your phone) to confirm your order has been placed.

This information could take up to 30 minutes to arrive in your inbox!

Once our team at the warehouse have processed your order, you will receive a second email or SMS to let you know that your order is on its way to you.

What should I do if I have forgotten to use my promotional code?

Please, contact us, and we will help you apply the code if your order is still in processing.

If you received our shipping notification and your order had been processed, we will issue you a gift certificate for the difference.

Promo codes are not refundable.

Is there a minimum order value and delivery charge?

There is no minimum order value.

However, if your order value (before taxes) is more than $52USD or you order 2+ items, the Standard delivery is FREE.

Does my order have to include the gift box?

We believe jewelry is an experience. That's why we provide our Signature Gift Box with every purchase. If, for any reason, you do not want gift packaging, contact us, and we will send you our BORING box.